About Charlove

The founders are proud of the city where we are raising our Daughter.  We envision a Charlotte where children are kind to one another, while working together to build a legacy, taking pride in our city and sharing the love that lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We had an idea Summer of 2016 where we could promote love and unity in Charlotte while giving back to our community.  The hidden magic lies with the two T's within "Charlotte."  If you open them up, the Love within our city shines right back at you, and Charlove was born!  Similarly, we feel when you open your mind & heart within, around, and throughout our unique and beautiful city, you will also feel the Charlove.

We have a true passion for serving the community, helping children, and giving back. Charlove's vision is to help children in need and promote love and unity.

We ask you to open your heart and mind.  We truly believe that when you are wearing and sharing Charlove you will feel pride, love and joy.  It's like receiving a great big hug and  in return you are giving a child in need a hug as well.